Ischia - Procida

Is known as "The green Island", it is the largest Neapolitan Island in the archipelago, is famous, above all, for the unique hot spring resources in the world of which is equipped. Hot springs and edgy come together, in fact, all over the island and are the most varied cures that can be practiced: by thermo-mineral baths to mud baths from stoves to inhalations and, finally,to the mineral –marine baths, bays and inlets where mineral sources are married to the sea ,making the water very hot and healthy.

The tour starts with a trip around the island, admiring the sea from its stunning beauty, it speak primarily of the numerous patrician villas, perched on the rocks a few meters from the sea along the entire perimeter of the island. Then we reach Marina of Sant’Angelo, the village most chic of Ischia, its snow-white houses that go to mingle with light pastel shades, the many alleyways and souvenir shops interspersed with bars and restaurants, making the village a real postcard.

After the tour of the numerous coves and beaches of the coast, you will land on the island and learn about the beauty of its interior first of all the Castello  Aragonese, Garden Spa (dating back to Roman times), the lovely port of Casamicciola do not miss Sorgeto,the Bay of St. Francis, Sammontana, etc.

In the early afternoon we move on to Procida it is the most intact Neapolitan Island, offers the ideal place for beach holidays where you can still breathe in the sea atmosphere.